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Vendor Liability Requirements:

  • Exhibitors agree to make no claim for any reason against event coordinators or the Planet Series Events for theft, damage, or destruction of goods, or for injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or visitors incurred at the event.
  • Use every measure to protect the festival site from all damages.
  • Be responsible for damage to buildings and grounds.

Vendor Selling Requirements:

  • All food sold or given away must be 100% plant-based. Plant-based means no animal products, i.e., flesh, fat, broth, gelatin, egg, dairy, or bee honey.
  • Ensure your vending area displays prices, which will be visible to the public, and signage that is professional in appearance and size.
  • All vendors are responsible for their own monetary transactions. We strongly encourage a credit-card-only system.
  • Exhibitors must staff their booths/exhibits for the duration of the entire event out of courtesy to patrons, other exhibitors, and organizers of the event. Failure to follow this condition will result in the exhibitor being ineligible to participate in future events.

Organizer Liability

  • Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of the Planet Series Events in part or in whole, including, but not limited to inclement weather, war, terrorism, or lockouts, the event coordinators shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Should any contingency prohibit the event from taking place as scheduled, event coordinators will make their best effort to reschedule the event on a weekend day as near to the original date as possible, but there is no guarantee that the event will be rescheduled.

Failure To Meet Requirements

  • Failure to meet any of the above requirements may lead to removal from the event and no refunds will be issued.

Check-In, Set-Up, and Breakdown

  • Setup for Planet Delaware begins at 8:00 AM on Saturday, September 14, 2024, and all exhibitors must be ready for operation by 9:30 AM.
    All vendors must check in at the VegRehoboth information tent prior to setting up.
    Vendors must limit themselves to one vehicle within the event site at a time, unload equipment/products, and move the vehicle prior to setting up.
    Your vending area must be open and staffed for the entire duration of the event.
    ALL vendors will remain staffed and fully operational until 4:00 PM, at which time they may begin the breakdown process.

Additional Guidelines

  • Vendors may not sell items bearing the event name or likeness
  • Professional behavior/dress is required.
  • The use of styrofoam will not be permitted.
  • Radios are not permitted.
  • Vendors and their employees are prohibited from smoking on festival property.
  • Food vendors are prohibited from having animals within the confines of their preparation/cooking areas except for service animals as authorized by state statute and ADA standards.
  • “Pushing” sales to passing customers is prohibited.
  • VegRehoboth reviews every exhibitor and has the authority to reject inappropriate exhibitors and/or marketing collateral and handouts.

Deadlines and Notes

  • Electric generators are allowed at Planet Delaware upon specific written requested approval by VegRehoboth.
  • For Planet Delaware the deadline for ALL exhibitor applications is end of day on September 1, 2024.
  • In the event of rain, Planet Delaware will be moved inside Epworth. Please note space will be limited indoors. Vendors who cannot go inside can set up under the portico.

Food Exhibitor Requirements

  • Please read the Guidelines for Sampling at Temporary Events: Farmers Markets, Fairs, Conventions, and Festivals for the County of Sussex, Delaware.

I, the vendor, certify that the information on this vendor contract is a correct depiction of the services and products to be provided by the vendor at the Planet event(s) and understand that failure to follow vendor permit terms as described and stipulated herein will result in ineligibility for this event. I further agree to abide by all terms of the vendor permit for this event and to hold harmless and indemnify VegRehoboth against any claims arising by virtue of their occupancy of vendor space and participation in this event.

See you September 14th!

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